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Include yogurt, cottage cheese and buttermilk in your diet.
Wash your mouth with milk of magnesia, as this will give relief form the pain.
Eating salads will be recommended. Include lots of raw onions in salads, as the healing property of onions will help in curing the mouth ulcers soon.
Don't use toothpastes that have high fluoride in them, instead use toothpastes, which have sodium bicarbonate.
Drink orange juice, as it will prevent mouth ulcers from appearing. In short vitamin C is good to prevent mouth ulcers. You can also have vitamin C.
The tannin in tea bags is very good to heal the mouth ulcers. Hence keep the tea bag over the mouth ulcers for some time.
Make a mixture of sodium bicarbonate powder and water and apply this as a first aid on the mouth ulcers.
Take proper rest too. Sleep on time and lead a stress free life.
Make a mixture with milk of magnesia and Benadryl and apply it over the mouth ulcers with the help of cotton.
If you have got ulcers, then avoid eating meat and fish for at least fifteen days. This will also help in reducing the acidity of your body and thus will make the healing fast.
Under any circumstances don't use mouthwashes and don't drink tea, coffee or citrus foods.
Avoid chewing gum, as it will delay the healing process.
While eating take care that you don't eat anything that has sharp edges.
Having a daily walk of about thirty minutes will be beneficial in a long run.
The very simplest home remedies for mouth ulcer is to follow a basic rule of not using the same toothbrush for more than a month.
Apply peppermint oil over the mouth ulcers for instant relief from pain.
Gargling with the coconut milk three to four times a day will help to heal fast.
Mix coconut milk with honey and apply this mixture over the mouth ulcers.
Make a gargle solution with boiling two cups of water and one cup of fenugreek leaves. Cover it and allow it to rest for some time. Then strain this solution and use it for gargling.