Alex Ghica's Weight Loss

Success story of weight loss
My name is Alex Ghica, I'm from Bucharest, Romania. I'm 22 years old, and in february 2010 I took a decision to change my life, after dropping out of all sports activities and becoming a fast food junkie and candy addict I gained weight considerably. I had two attempts to loose weight, which did not work out that well, because all the weight lost, was gained back real quick. In february I completely changed my lifestyle, now I try to help others achieve the same thing. I quit smoking after 7 years in january 2011 as a bonus for leading a healthy life. Here are some photos of what happened so far. In february 2010 I had 116kg, and 31% body fat, now I have 85kg and 14% body fat.

  The "now" photos are two months old, I'll post my latest pics at the end of july when my transformation is complete, I do not want to look like a body builder, I just want to be perfectly fit. The stretch marks on my body will always remind me that McD and other friendly fastfood places have only "the best interests of serving us the most nutritious and healthy foods".

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